A Reason to Celebrate

Our young family rejoiced upon hearing that our little Nini ranked third in her class for the first quarter of the school year. This week hasn't exactly been a good one – as my fellow Filipinos would certainly agree – and the news did a lot to boost our spirits.

It was quite unexpected for me, thinking that certain adjustments with how we run things around here might be taking its toll on my daughter. Also, I guess I was constantly worried that my daughter may not be adapting well in school after her episodes during the first weeks of classes.

Idle Parenting Means Happy Children - Tom Hodgkinson

Hodgkinson authored 'The Idle Parent," among other titles. You may get a copy from Amazon.com.

A Twitter acquaintance posted a 2008 Telegraph article by Tom Hodgkinson about "idle parenting" and how effective it is in raising happy children. By happy, Hodgkinson meant children who can make decisions for themselves; children who are self-reliant and not too dependent on their parents or other people to feel secure and content. Sounds exactly how you want your child to grow up to be right? So what exactly is "idle parenting"?