Cute Girls Haircuts for Your Little Princess

I am planning to take my daughter to the salon for a haircut. It's unbelievable how fast her hair grows! I cut her bangs myself from time to time but now she obviously needs a proper trim. 

She does not want her hair too short so I was looking online for kids' haircuts and girls' haircuts that would be suitable for her taste and the cold December weather. One exciting thing about little girls is that there is so much you can do with their hair. Browse my own compilation of little girls' haircuts and you just might find something that perfectly fits the personality of your precious little princess.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Family

Some friends and I are planning on a private Halloween party at the end of the month, complete with costumes and maybe some scary decorations. This would be a first time for my daughter - and for our entire family to attend a real Halloween party with friends - so I am really excited about it. 

I took the time to research on some family costume ideas that would not be too costly and complicated to do. In the end, my husband thought of something really cool and easy (It’s a surprise!) although we are probably no longer going in family-themed costumes since our little Nini wants to be nothing else but a fairy princess. I told her that it is much too common a costume already but well, what can I do? :)

In Favor of DepEd's 'No Weekend Homework' Policy

The Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) recently issued a memorandum that bans public elementary school teachers from giving their students homework on weekends. The move was of course, criticized by some, teacher's groups in particular, but I as a parent can't help but feel thankful for it. My daughter is studying in a private school so technically, they are not covered. But I am grateful simply because I believe it is a wise move. Keep on reading to find out why.

Children and Cell Phones

The first time I was given a cell phone by my parents was when I entered college at 18. Things have drastically changed since then, as you can imagine. 

Within a span of a few years, our perception of technological gadgets has changed from being luxuries to bare necessities. Which teen today doesn't own an iPod, a PSP, and his own cellular phone? The cell phone alone has become an indispensable technological tool. Parents readily give their children their own units as a way to communicate and keep track of their whereabouts.

A Reason to Celebrate

Our young family rejoiced upon hearing that our little Nini ranked third in her class for the first quarter of the school year. This week hasn't exactly been a good one – as my fellow Filipinos would certainly agree – and the news did a lot to boost our spirits.

It was quite unexpected for me, thinking that certain adjustments with how we run things around here might be taking its toll on my daughter. Also, I guess I was constantly worried that my daughter may not be adapting well in school after her episodes during the first weeks of classes.

Idle Parenting Means Happy Children - Tom Hodgkinson

Hodgkinson authored 'The Idle Parent," among other titles. You may get a copy from

A Twitter acquaintance posted a 2008 Telegraph article by Tom Hodgkinson about "idle parenting" and how effective it is in raising happy children. By happy, Hodgkinson meant children who can make decisions for themselves; children who are self-reliant and not too dependent on their parents or other people to feel secure and content. Sounds exactly how you want your child to grow up to be right? So what exactly is "idle parenting"?

Why Young Married Couples Should Strive to Live on Their Own

Investing in a place to live in is a big step for newly married couples, especially young ones. Those who cannot yet afford to buy a piece of property usually opt to rent or live with their spouse's parents. The latter is not uncommon especially in the Philippines, where close family ties are part of the culture. Renting, on the other hand, is a commitment that requires hardwork and financial stability.

For those who are just starting to build their families, it is definitely easier to live in the same house as your parents to whom you do not have to pay monthly rental fees. Ideally, your new home should be ready before you get married but sadly, this is not always the case. There is nothing wrong with living with parents or in-laws. However, I still believe that every young couple should strive to find their own place separate from the elders. Why?

20-Minute Recipes: My Own Hunt's Pork and Beans Casserole

It had been another busy Friday for me, trying to catch up with deadlines. But as a home-based online writer, I am not exempted from all the housework I have to do; I'm still a mother after all. And as of the moment, hiring a cook or a house helper is not an immediate priority.

Again, I found myself with not enough time on my hands to cook dinner. But with all the pressure and stress, I think I deserved a pat on the back tonight for managing to come up with a near-decent 20-minute casserole for my husband and my daughter.

Being Married and Living with Parents

Here in the Philippines, extended families living under one roof are not uncommon. As a matter of fact, close family ties is a fundamental part of the Filipino culture. In poverty-stricken homes, parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents sleep side by side on the floor. In our society, the idea of sending the elderly to nursing homes is frowned upon – regardless of class.

Dealing with Separation Anxiety

After almost three weeks since school started, our first-grade daughter is finally quite done with episodes of separation anxiety. She now looks forward to Mondays and enjoys doing her homework with me. She has even agreed to stay at my in-laws' during weekdays as their house, where we lived for five years before renting our own, is closer to her school.

Nini is just turning six in September. For a couple of weeks or so after classes began, she cried every morning while I got her ready and during the commute to school with her dad. At school, her teachers literally had to pry her away from her Papa or lola, whenever flag ceremony is about to start.


My name is Naomi and I was just struck with an idea to chronicle my experiences as a newbie home manager. I've been married for five years and I have one daughter who is turning six in September. There are not many people my age who are in a similar situation. I am not saying it is rare but being married at 26 with a family to look out for can be quite difficult at times. Especially for a scatterbrain and carefree person like me.

I may not be as ignorant as I was say, a few years ago, but I can hardly call myself an expert on matters such as child-rearing, finances, and home affairs. As a wife and as a mother, I learn something new everyday and will probably never stop learning until I get old and senile. I just hope to share a few pointers here and there as I grow more mature and learn more with each day that passes.

Hopefully, young moms (and they are growing in number every year) or even dads will be able to pick up a thing or two from this blog, which I hope to update every so often. As I said, I am no expert but I share your worries and your fear of things yet unknown. Do not hesitate to contact me or comment on my entries should you have questions that you feel I can answer, or simply need an ear to listen.