Getting Kids Involved with Household Chores

It's the end of another school year (whew!) and we all finally get a much-deserved break from having to wake up oh-so-very-early in the morning every single day, preparing baon, tutoring, and you know what else. Can we all just take a minute and give ourselves a pat in the back for a job well done? *applause*

Vacation time is a good time as any to start getting children involved with household chores. Yes, part of it is about keeping them out of your hair just long enough for you to be able to accomplish whatever needs to be done, especially if you are a working mom -- but teaching kids to be responsible at an early age by assigning them household chores benefits child and parent both.

How do you manage to get your kids to help out with household chores? Read on to find out how to get kids to take responsibility at home and see some suggestions on age-appropriate chores.

Sweeping floor. Do not disturb.
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10 Personal Things Moms Should Definitely Spend Money On

Mommies, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing a bit of guilt-free shopping for yourself. After years of being the homemaker, the disciplinarian, the doting parent and the loving mother, it's always good to set aside time to get out of the house and pamper yourself.

There are plenty of things that a mom can buy for herself, but I think she should definitely spend on these 10 things as soon as she reaches the entrance of her favorite shopping center: