10 Important Tasks a First-time Mom's Gotta Do

Just found out you're about to have your very first baby? Congratulations! Those 2 red lines represent the start of a journey that will forever change your life.

Let the feelings of euphoria and nervousness sink in. Allow yourself to bask in the realization that in the next 40 weeks, you will be experiencing a miracle that only we women are blessed with.

But this miracle is a precious one, something that you don't just toss from one hand to the other. And because it is precious, it can break at the slightest sign of carelessness and neglect. Don't ever allow this to happen to you! Start taking good care of yourself and your baby by keeping these 10 important tasks in mind:

  1. Visit your OB-GYNE. Now. Don't wait till you feel something strange or painful, and don't wait till you suddenly see blood stains in your underwear. Ask someone you trust for support and encouragement to take you to an OB-GYNE to start your pre-natal check-ups. Your doctor will tell you how long you've gone into your pregnancy, what vitamins to take, and what to do during the early stages of your pregnancy.
  2. Take your vitamins diligently. During my own pregnancy, I was told to take vitamins and folic acid to boost my immune system and iron levels. It was painful for my budget, yes, but I always tell myself that every tablet I drink is a chance added for my baby to be healthy. You can use that as your inspiration as well.
  3. Start eating healthy. It's time to set aside the Coke, the junk food, the alcohol, and the cigarettes. Your baby is going to need all of the nutrients he'll need to grow healthy, so feed yourself healthy foods like soup, fruits, vegetables, whole grain, fruit juices, and water.
  4. Sleep more. Your body will eventually show signs that it needs more rest, so don't ignore this in order to stay up playing video games or checking your Facebook account.
  5. Read, read, and read. Keep yourself informed of all the changes that you will be going through and what you should do in case you experience something out of the ordinary. After discovering that I was gonna be a mom, I immediately checked out the best websites online for information about pregnancy. Sites I'd recommend are BabyCenter Philippines (or the US/UK counterpart), Mayo Clinic, and Pregnancy Today. You'll also find a lot of interesting first-time pregnancy books in the bookstore, but if you're lucky, a friend or family member might just send you a couple as baby shower gifts!
  6. Forget the tight jeans. I'm not saying you should throw away your fashion sense, but what I do encourage is buying and wearing comfortable clothes now that your body will grow in size for your baby. There are plenty of maternity clothes for pregnant women in the market and lots of fashion ideas for moms, so don't force yourself into your skinny jeans just to look good.
  7. Start saving for your baby. Whether you're getting financial support or not, it's always good to have separate savings for your baby's expenses (and trust me, you're gonna be spending a lot). List down all of the necessities your baby's going to need (diapers, crib, etc) then calculate how much you need to save every month to be able to afford them. This leads me to the next task, which is
  8. Don't splurge on baby items that you don't need yet. I'm talking about buying baby clothes (even if you don't know his/her gender) and other baby items that you can do without. Money will be tight (unless you're a billionaire or an heiress) so focus your spending on practical needs like diapers, doctor's fees, and milk. What you can do though is put up a baby registry so that your family and friends will buy those items for you.
  9. Seek help and advice from experienced mothers. They can be your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your elder sister, cousin, or an online community of mothers who can give you all the advice you need. You will need the encouragement and emotional support as each day of your pregnancy passes, so don't feel ashamed or smug to ask for advice from the mothers around you.
  10. Pray. God gave you this special gift, and so He will always be by your side to guide you through the rest of the journey. Pray to Him for strength, courage, and good health. Pray that He will give you a healthy and normal pregnancy, with no sickness or pre-term labor or miscarriage. You will be surprised how stronger and braver a mom you become after saying a quiet prayer.
Stef Gonzaga is a 20-year old mom, a freelance writer, an online shopper, and a tech maniac. Read about her life at The Steffi G. Blog, learn everything you need to know about freelancing at The Freelance Pinoy, or connect with her via Twitter @alexis0fdreams.


artnanay said...

The La Leche League breastfeeding book was my bible! And I went on to breastfeed all three sons till they turned 3 to 4 years old

Anonymous said...

I never heard of the La Leche breastfeeding book. What does the book talk about? You're so lucky you didn't spend thousands on canned baby's milk! :(

artnanay said...

Steffie thanks to this comment I got an idea for my next blog post. Cheers :)

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