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I was going to post a series of comic strips based on humorous events around my house with two wild kiddos and their harried homebased writer/artist of a mom. Dad and college kid home-for-the-summer will be playing best supporting actors for a cast of five. I even asked the hubby to do the sketches for me. However, both our artistic mojos have all but been lost in the day-to-day of mother/fatherhood, so that he was able to do only one very lifelike cartoon character sketch of the youngest, and nothing else.

To save the day (or at least the blog post for my scheduled day of posting) I attempted, with my lesser drawing skills, to do ‘em sketches myself. I did make passable drawings there on the sketchpad, I am proud to say. Why are they not here then? Oh, it’s because I lost the drawings in the clutter of my household. I missed a week of posting because of this. Told ya I was harried.

If I find my sketchbook underneath the pile of toys and children’s books I will improve them and post next time, I promise. In the meantime, I’m collecting more quotes for the project. Here they are without the drawings.

About Working From Home
Possible Comic Strip #1:

4-year old goes inside room where Mom is working on her computer. Mom goes out, comes back in. Kiddo goes out of room.
Mom: “Hey, kiddo! Did you touch anything here? I can’t find the website.”
4-year old, from somewhere outside the room: “Just click the back arrow!”

Possible Comic Strip #2:

Mom is trying to finish work, tells kiddos to clear out and not to disturb her. 7-year old is playing with toy telescope, makes it into a periscope, and peeps at busy working mom from doorway.
Mom: “I’m never gonna get any work done!”

Possible Comic Strip #3:

Another busy day at home.  Mom, working. Kiddos, looking for stuff to do.
7-year old: “Let's walk after you're done with work?”
Mom: “Sure.”
Harried mom: “I'll try to finish this fast so we can go.”
7-year old (busy drawing): “Our walk? I cancelled it.”

Kids And Food

Possible Comic Strip #4

At home, kiddos have been trained to throw plastic wrappers straight to the garbage can. Garbage segregation and composting of kitchen scraps is practiced here as well. One time when we had to eat at a University cafeteria,
4-year old looks around and whispers: "There's so much plastic here."

Possible Comic Strip #5

Mom and 4-year old are playing.
Mom: “You're so cute I wanna eat you! Can I eat you?”
4-year old: “No, because I'm not cooked meat.”

Possible Comic Strip #6

4-year old is attempting to bite into an apple without front teeth: "My teeth are not available."

Possible Comic Strip #7

Mom: “Later we are going to this artist's restaurant!”
Kiddos (big wondering eyes): “Are we gonna eat paint?”

Possible Comic Strip #8

Tatay bought live crabs for dinner and 7yr old is crying coz we'll have to cook them.
There goes dinner.

Kiddie Love

Possible Comic Strip #9

Mom: “You know I love you?”
4-year old: “Yes...I don't know why I love you actually.”

Kiddie  Biology

Possible Comic Strip #10

Overheard, kiddos talking amongst themselves
4-year old: “Without bones, people would be flat.”
7-year old:  “No they won't! How about muscle!?”


Possible Comic Strip #11

All three kiddos together for the summer. 7-year old is reading in a corner. 16-year old is on the computer.
5-year old and 16-year old conversing.
5-year old to eldest brother: “You know, our brother is a bookworm. Are you a bookworm too?”
Pause. Long silence.
5-year old: “I know! You are a facebook worm!”

That's all folks! Got to go back to taking care of them kiddos!

16 years and 3 sons after, and she finally thinks she can be a mom blogger. Kelly is an artist and writer who loves to stare at a blade of grass on her good days. On bad days, she drinks inordinate amounts of coffee and multitasks as her soul dreams of mountains unclimbed and her warm soft bed. She is torn by both visions. Her favorite color is blue-green.  


Naomi said...

Mommy Kelly, can I like borrow your boys for a day? They seem really smart and a whole lot of fun! And I'm curious how they would act if there's a little girl around like my Nini. Must be a riot. Haha! Great post! :)

artnanay said...

Wish we were living near you guys so I could leave em boys with you for a day. I can imagine my boys with your Nini! Art and reading session! Then biking afterwards! Woohoo :D

artnanay said...

7 year old loses his baby tooth:

"That tooth was important to me!"

*Sniffle *cry *wail*

"See, I can't say the letter F properly now! Fffff.....Fffffff...."

*Sniffle *cry *wail*

Naomi said...

Aw mommy, that is sooo funny! Poor guy, hope he grows back that important tooth real soon!

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