The MyLac XL Prep Promo: Get a Free Gift Pack Today!

If there's one thing I hated back when I was a little girl, it's going to school sleepy, tired, and disinterested with school. And I'm sure there are plenty of kids who felt the same way.

It's a known fact that one of the reasons why most kids don't enjoy going to school is because their bodies don't have the energy to concentrate and function. This is due to a lack of proper nutrition and a good night's rest — a common issue in today's society. In my case, being the chocoholic and junk-food lover that I was, I only ate what I wanted to eat and didn't even consider what my body truly needed. I guess that explains everything.

But YOU can give your child all the nutrition he needs as early as his preschool years. If you're a mom who cares about her child's performance in school, give your child the proper nutrition he needs to do well in class.

Most moms would rely only on giving their children healthy meals and snacks, but you can also give your child a glass of MyLac XL Prep.

This is a formula designed to give your child the much-needed boost in energy and brain power to help him do his best everyday. By mixing four scoops of MyLac XL Prep with 200mL of water, you are giving your child a glass full of vitamins and minerals that ensures optimum performance each time he enters the classroom.

And if you're a MomCenter Philippines fan by chance, we at Mom Notes Philippines are proud to announce that there is an ongoing promo in which you can get a free gift pack from MyLac XL Prep. Here's the description of the promo:
Getting your child ready for preschool? Make sure your children's first foray into the outside world is safe and fun at the same time! As a mom, make sure you arm them with the proper nutrition to help in their mental and physical growth. 
Mylac XL Prep ensures that your child is ready for preschool with its nutrition-packed formula. With its XL Formula, a combination of DHA, Taurine, Choline, Iron, and Iodine, your child will find preschool learning easy and fun! Packed with vitamins and minerals, Mylac XL Prep will give your child the added boost against diseases so he/she stays healthy and alert for school.
The MyLac XL Prep also comes in delicious chocolate and milk flavors your kids will truly love. So if it's getting ready for preschool, count on Mylac XL Prep for your child!
Is your child 4-6 years old? If yes, then you are entitled to receive a FREE gift pack from Mylac XL Prep! Hurry while supplies last!
Just register via this link and you're all set to give your child the key to unlocking the leader in him.

This promo's for a limited time period, so hurry and receive your free gift pack from MyLac XL Prep! You can also visit the MomCenter Philippines website for more details and to join a growing community of moms all over the Philippines.

A big thanks to MomCenter Philippines and MyLac XL Prep for running this promo. I'm sure I'd register for it if Holly is age 4 and about to enter preschool. I wouldn't want her to go to school all groggy and cranky.


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