7 Tips to Help You Through Your Kid's First Hospitalization

August 20, 2011 – Holly's first hospitalization.

I stood there, in the pediatrics section of the ER, waiting for the staff to prepare our room. Holly's fever is at 38° already and her cough just wouldn't stop.

As I stood by our station, holding the sick baby as she wouldn't stay in bed, I listened with sadness at the outbursts and screams of the sick children around me. Never did I expect this to be emotionally draining, stressful, and just downright depressing. I went into this battlefield unarmed, thinking that this won't be any different than a regular check-up. It was a good thing I took a quick shower.

But thankfully, we managed to survive and come back home after three days of hospital care. And to help all my fellow first-time moms, here are 7 tips to help you through your kid's first hospitalization:
  1. Bring a family member or a friend with you to the hospital.  Being in a room full of sick children crying and screaming after being pierced with the nasty dextrose needle can be extremely overwhelming.  Have at least one person you trust to calm and comfort you.
  2. Always stay by your kid's side.  If he's the type to cry over bright lights, the sound of the nebulizer, or the sight of women and men in scrubs, you'll need to be there to comfort him.  Luckily for me, Holly's a brave little girl and only freezes like a statue whenever the nurses would visit her.
  3. Have snacks, a bottle of water, and a warm blanket with you.  You can never be too sure if the hospital's cook can really cook, or if the hospital room won't get too cold.
  4. Check the dextrose tube, even during the wee hours of the morning.  If you're kid tosses and tuns in her sleep or is restless during the day, the tube might tighten and all hell will break loose.
  5. Entertainment is your friend.  Bring toys, books, or simply tune in to Disney Junior to keep your kid pre-occupied and entertained.  Being at the hospital can be very boring.
  6. Ask all of your questions as soon as your kid's pediatrician comes through the door. As a parent, it is your right and your duty to find out the stats of your kid's condition.  Only your pediatrician can tell you straight facts about what is going on, and so can advise you on what medicines to give.
  7. Use your Philhealth benefits, or be ready to pay a fortune for hospital bills.  They'll charge you for everything they used on your kid, from urine collectors to transferring of rooms (even when it's the hospital's fault).  Oh, and pray that your attending physician will give you a discount on his or her professional fees.
Lastly, pray for strength.  Prayer helps in calming your troubled heart during such trying times, so never forget to ask for the Father's help.

What was your kid's first trip to the hospital like?  Share your stories in the comments!

Stef Gonzaga is a 21-year old mom, a freelance writer, an online shopper, and a tech maniac. Read about her life at The Steffi G. Blog, learn everything you need to know about freelancing at The Freelance Pinoy, or connect with her via Twitter @stefgonzaga.


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Good day,

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