Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Family

Some friends and I are planning on a private Halloween party at the end of the month, complete with costumes and maybe some scary decorations. This would be a first time for my daughter - and for our entire family to attend a real Halloween party with friends - so I am really excited about it. 

I took the time to research on some family costume ideas that would not be too costly and complicated to do. In the end, my husband thought of something really cool and easy (It’s a surprise!) although we are probably no longer going in family-themed costumes since our little Nini wants to be nothing else but a fairy princess. I told her that it is much too common a costume already but well, what can I do? :)

I came across some pretty groovy Halloween costume ideas and I would like to share them in case any of you are also looking for some easy-to-do, not too cheesy, and affordable Halloween family costumes. As you may be aware, some of the most common Halloween costume ideas include Addams family, Scooby Doo, or superhero costume themes. But if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary that would not require you to spend a fortune, here are some ideas personally handpicked by me:


Women and little girls are sure to enjoy wearing gypsy costumes. Colorful skirts, bandannas, and dresses are all you need with some bangles, earrings, and gypsy accessories. Layering is the key to a successful gypsy look. Go for laces and gauzy materials. And who says men cannot go as gypsies? Comfortable pants, suspenders, and some clip on earrings should do the trick. Or, they can take after the example of Brad Pitt in the movie, Snatch.

Gypsy costumes for women:

The Sopranos
If the dad in your family is a bit on the heavy side, you can make him go as mobster and the head of the Sopranos family, Tony Soprano, based on the hit TV series. It should be easy. Just see how each family member dresses and copy the hairstyles and make-up of each member meticulously to complete the look. Be sure to carry that mobster attitude and everyone will be practically tripping on their heels to give you Halloween treats.

Wild West
Cowboy and cowgirl Halloween costumes can easily be achieved by mixing and matching skirts, blazers, cowboy hats, and boots. You can easily find a frilly vest in the thrift shop and if you’re lucky, it might be available with a matching skirt. Tie a bandanna around dad’s neck and you should be good to go.

Grease-themed Halloween costumes are easy enough to do. Leggings, Mary Janes, leather jackets, and bandannas are just some of the household items you can use. Colorful wayfarers and plastic jewelry would also make nice additions. The key, however, is to getting the hairstyles and make-up right. There are plenty of videos on Youtube to help you with that. 

With a ton of make-up for faking blood and the sickly complexion of a zombie, you can easily turn your family into a group of the wandering living dead. Take some old clothes and make them look old and tattered. You may even make your nails dirty with a little makeup. Just be creative and pay attention to details, this is actually one of the easiest and most effective family Halloween costume ideas you can apply.

Alice in Wonderland
If you have a little more time (and funds) to spare for your family Halloween costumes, bring the characters in Tim Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland, to life and you can be sure that no family will be as adorable. Find a blue dress for your little Alice with matching ribbons for her hair and Mary Janes. Mom can choose to go as the White or the Red Queen while everyone else can take their pick among the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, or one of the queen’s men. 

Relive the wonderful era of the sixties with some bell-bottom pants, flower prints, off-shoulder blouses, tie-dyed clothes, and platform shoes. The girls can wear hippie bands across the forehead. Mix and match; the more “psychedelic” you look, the better! You may also consider wearing go-go boots, beads, and any accessory with the all-popular “peace” insignia.

The Wizard of Oz
Going as Dorothy, the Scarecow, the Tin Man, and the Lion should make it interesting enough for your family this Halloween. If you are creative, you can easily use simple art materials and complete the costumes with a little gluing and sewing. If there are more members in the family, you may also add the character of the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wizard of Oz himself.

If your family is crazy about the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, start buying or creating those wide-brimmed pirate hats, fake swords, and a vest worthy of a pirate. Turn a fabric into a wide belt with a large buckle and wear it with matching pants, boots, an eye patch, and a white long-sleeved shirt. Try to find other “pirate looks” online and add variety so that each member of the family looks unique. 


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I absolutely love the gypsy costumes! I've always wanted to dress like a gypsy and I envy you guys for being able to enjoy your first Halloween party. Oh well, hopefully we'll be able to do it again next year. Definitely by that time Holly can walk, talk, and dress her best for the occasion. :D

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