Why You Should Take Your Family to See RPG Metanoia

If you have school age kids, siblings, nieces, or nephews, I highly recommend you take them to watch "RPG Metanoia," one of the entries to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. Not only does it make history as the country's first-ever full-length 3D-animated film, it also proves to be a one-of-a-kind and truly-Pinoy experience.

After months of waiting since we saw the teaser - husband and I finally got to watch it last night  and all I can say it that it was very much worth the wait. I would gladly see it again (and again and again) and shove it to the face of every kid I see around the block! Hubby said he will buy the original DVD when it comes out.

The one in the middle, with the umbrella, that's Bryan (online avatar: Mang Ernie).
He's the character closest to my heart. I like his shamanic super cool powers!
"RPG Metanoia" is a movie about friendship and family. It is about learning to believe in oneself and overcoming your fears. It is about stepping out of our comfort zones - as what the animators and the people behind the movie did when they dedicated time, talent, and money to creating a film that steers away from the typical Pinoy box-office formula.

The title may alienate non-gamers and perhaps 3D animation is yet to appeal to the taste of the masses, but the movie transcends all classes and gender for the values it promotes. At the very least, be amazed at the design: longganisa, daing na bangus, the tricycle, "manong magtataho," and virtually all things found in your kitchen and sala - rendered in 3D. Amazing.

Main character Nico and his Mom
But those are just details. "RPG Metanoia" boasts of a solid plot, funny and endearing characters, and an awesome musical score. Animation may not impress Pixar-movie-loving viewers but hubby and I both decided that all the other elements easily compensate for whatever is lacking technically.

But this is not to say that the animation sucked. It is actually pretty surprising - especially the action scenes, which are snappy, exciting, and will keep you at the edge of your seat. We found ourselves laughing silly at the dialogue and the antics of the main characters in a lot of scenes.

There is not a single dull moment and there is no overkill. Everything is done just right. So do yourself a favor and watch it with your whole family (and your whole barangay!). It's worth it.


* * *
"RPG Metanoia" is an appeal to children to try to spend less time playing video games and spend more time with their families and playing on the streets instead. I may not have an idea on how deep the impact of this message will be to today's youth but it must count for something. Do you have a kid who spends more time playing online games than studying or socializing with people?

Video game addiction is REAL and although the main characters in "RPG Metanoia" are not exactly what experts will call "video game addicts," you could say that they have somehow missed out on the joys of active play and the wonders of traditional Filipino games - until they got banned from their favorite Internet cafe one day, that is.

Touching on "video game addiction," you know your child is an addict (or in danger of being one) if he/she plays everyday for more than 3 hours a day, seems to lose track of time when playing, gets irritable when unable to play, no longer goes out to participate in social and sporting activities, and has neglected schoolwork to the point that his/her grades are starting to slip. If you see all these signs, it is best to act immediately. Video game addiction can be treated but prevention, of course, works best. To prevent this sort of problem:

1. Prevent the introduction of video games to young ones for as long as possible.

2. Limit video gaming/online gaming time. As a parent, set a fixed schedule and a fixed but reasonable number of hours for when your child can play video games. Stick to it and don't give in to extension requests.

3. Make sure they prioritize school and their responsibilities at home over gaming.

4. Encourage them to get involved in sports, housework, and family bonding activities. Make it a family tradition to go out on picnics or family dinners on a regular basis. If kids show any interest in extra-curricular activities in school, give them your support.

5. If your child gets irritated  or even violent when you try to intervene with his/her gaming habits, it is time to seek professional help for the necessary behavioral treatment.


Anonymous said...

Amazing review Naomi! I was only able to watch Rosario, another entry of the MMFF, and that one was good as well. If ever you guys were able to buy the DVD, let me know so that I can buy as well! :)

Actually, most of the hubby's brothers are video game addicts. The youngest is a TV addict. It's really sad sometimes to see them immerse themselves for hours and hours on end. They barely eat together or play outside because they find television and online games much more interesting.

Hopefully they and the youth in general will remember what it's like to just play Tag or eat dinner together with the family.

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artnanay said...

Is the DVD of this out already? :)

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