Sunday afternoons should be spent at the park.

View of the Eco Park from the highest point (near the dam)
The La Mesa Eco Park is a relaxing, natural spot found in the heart of Quezon City. It may not be as big as other parks in the Philippines but there are a handful of activities that family and friends can surely enjoy in say, a lazy Sunday afternoon when you would like to do something with your family other than go to the mall or sit around the house all day, watching movies.

The steps leading up to where the La Mesa dam is (Lots of em!)

Boating, biking, and horseback riding at the Eco Park can be fun and are great ways to get some sunlight and much-needed exercise. According to the website, you can also go fishing and be able to enjoy a sumptuous feast with your own catch as the main dish. Entrance fees and the amount you are going to pay for the activities are delightfully affordable. You can of course picnic, jog, or trek along the lush greeneries anytime you wish – for free! 

I was telling my daughter Saturday night about when our dad took me and my brother boating at the Manila Zoo when we were kids. When she fell asleep, I was struck with the idea: why not visit Eco Park the very next day? We live in Quezon City after all, very near the location. My daughter will surely enjoy it there and I’m sure hubby would appreciate some quite time “away” from the city. I wondered why I never thought of it before!  We want our daughter to appreciate the beauty of nature at an early age and not be like other kids who care about nothing except their video games and their tech gadgets.  

This picture of Nini was taken at a small amphitheater inside the park 

Next morning, I asked my husband and he quickly agreed. The original plan was to have lunch there but we arrived late anyway because we had to meet his mother. We finally got there (it was surprisingly near) and spent the next couple of hours exploring, trekking and taking pictures. We also viewed the dam itself, which reminded me of the sea, except it was man-made. It was like we weren’t in Quezon City at all! The trees and grass were all a pleasing change from all the concrete and dust and buildings we have gotten so used to. 

Te Hubby and little Nini by the Balate tree (along the path we took)

I gathered that ABS-CBN Bantay Kalikasan was a partner in the maintenance of the Manila Eco Park and I would have to commend their efforts, as well as the government’s, in turning the park into a wonderful  family place. The boating area was closed when we were there but I hope we get to try it next time we visit. And we promised out daughter it should be very soon!

Entrance fee is PHP50 per head (PHP40 for QC residents) at the La Mesa Eco Park. Here is the link to the website for more information about fees and other details:

On the other side of that fence is where the dam is located. No picture-taking or video cameras allowed  in that area.

We spent only a couple of hours at the park and we went home tired but happy. Nini got a bit restless especially because she was not able to go biking (it's only until 5PM, we didn't know) but she is now looking forward to our next visit. We promised ourselves we'll go earlier next time. Nonetheless, it had been quite a rewarding experience and we did not spend a lot of money for it too! The most important thing of course is that we were able to enjoy some quality time together minus, the distractions. 

All sweat and smiles!

Take your family to the nearest park for some budget-friendly family bonding time. Kids don't stay kids forever. Allow them to explore their surroundings while they are still at an age where everything is a wonder. They will never forget about it - the way I never forgot how my dad took us boating once when we were kids... :)


Gerald said...

gusto ko rin pumunta jan hehe...

Naomi said...

Hi Kuya Gerald. Thanks for scooting by! By all means, GO. Take your girlfriend. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow I wish we could have visited this park when we were still in QC. You guys look like you really had an awesome time! :)

By the way, in the last picture, Nini looks like a carbon copy of Gan haha!

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