Keeping Buried Treasure for Your Children

This is a photo of a 1995 playbill of my performance in a major kindergarten play. The title is Daughters of Mohamed and I played the main role as "Kadiga", the handmaid servant of the 3 princesses of Mohamed.
Fast forward to 2011 and this playbill is still around, with the handwriting of my grandmother still intact and readable. She kept this copy in a photo album stored inside her own treasure chest in her room, and thankfully I didn't accidentally lose it or throw it away.

Another buried treasure of mine is this framed collage of photos of when I and my sisters were kids. They sit on my off-white colored headboard showing faces that were filled with smiles, laughter, and happiness. My mother always treasures photos of happy memories like these, so she'd usually have these photos framed so we'd get to look at them even as the years go by. And it worked, because her granddaughter Holly enjoys staring and pointing at them.

For most of us already living the 20s, 30s, and even 40s, this can be considered a buried treasure, a relic so precious and memorable that it deserves a glass casing or a nice frame to hang on the wall.
It is these buried treasures that we have to save for our future children and grandchildren. They carry a piece of our youth-filled lives and can tell a story that they'll never find in storybooks and movies.
By saving the scrapbook that you created when you were 7, your daughter can discover a special world that belonged to her mother. By storing that one-of-a-kind airplane model, your son discovers that his father is actually an avid collector of airplane models. It's something only you and your children can share, which creates a special bond that will forever keep you two together.
Take some time to go through your closets, drawers, cabinets, and whatnot. Ask your parents if they have any keepsakes that you can save and show to your children in the future. Once you have these keepsakes, bury them treasures well till the right time comes to share them with your kids.
Do you have a special buried treasure of your own? Has your pirate of a kid discovered it during his or her journey through life?
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Naomi said...

Aw, I love this post Stef. I envy you, you still got that playbill. My parents weren't exactly sentimental, I'd be lucky if I find that our few baby photos are still around. This is a good reminder for me to salvage what's left. And to keep a lot of keepsakes for my young one too! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Naomi! I was just rummaging through my drawers and found the playbill hiding underneath all the pads of paper, notebooks, and leftover gadgets. It really inspired me to write this post and to encourage other parents to save whatever buried treasure they could find to share with their kids. :)

I'm sure there's something of yours that you'd like to keep for Nini to discover. Show us a photo of it when you do!

artnanay said...

This is nice! You could make a time if it's the graduation of your kindergartner you could collect some stuff and keep em safe for when she's 20!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Mommy Kelly! Oh, if only I'll be able to finish my degree so that I can be with her when Holly's ready to take her first class in school. :(

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