A Special Moment with My Daughter

I've experienced one-of-a-kind moments and instances with my 11-month old daughter from time to time, which sometimes gives me an idea just what is in her heart and, hopefully, what type of personality she has as a person.

Today, I saw once again one of her most beautiful qualities that makes her lovable and special: her ability to lift my spirits and make me smile.

A Brave Little Girl

I was crying today because of a fight I had with my husband. I guess my yelling woke the little one up from her morning nap, because she was awake when I stepped out of the bathroom.

She didn't cry a single tear due to the sudden noise. She just lay on her back and looked intently at the moving figure that was sniffling and crying her eyes out on a blue towel. She then sat up and stared, wondering what was wrong with her mother.

I on the other hand didn't care what was going on around me, so I didn't notice her looking at me till after calming myself down a bit. She still sat watching, but after seeing me look at her, she began to make me smile.

How She Made Her Mother Laugh

First she slapped her legs as if forming a drum beat, waving her arms like she was telling me that she was a bird. When that didn't issue a giggle from me, she then pressed her face onto the threaded walls of her crib to make a flattened face.

It was hysterical! I was laughing while the tears still filled my eyes. She kept making that same flat nosed face over and over till she heard me laughing hard. After a while she wanted me to pick her up. When I did, I whispered to her, "Hug Mommy?"

And she did. She leaned her tiny body onto me and her head on my shoulder. I know she knows what she's doing, and I'm glad God has given me a baby girl who is this intelligent and this sweet to her mother.

 I'm Blessed to Have Her

Every time I experience something like this, I always think that this is God's blessing for me. Seeing that I married early and have to deal with the youthfulness and immaturity of my marriage, He gave me a daughter who could teach me how to be strong again.

She teaches me how to lighten up even during troubled times like these, and makes me laugh because she knows that's always better than crying. I'm happy to have her, and I hope that she will continue to grow up being this special, sweet, and loving towards her parents, especially her mother.

Do you have any special moments or one-of-a-kind experiences with your children? Share them in the comments below!

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artnanay said...

She is just too sweet! <3

Anonymous said...

She is. I can't get enough of her. I hope all of my children will be loving, intelligent, and sweet like her (or at least, they know how to love their mother haha!). :D

Charlene said...

Just like what my mom used to say "how you treat your own mother is how your daughter will treat you." My mom (your grandma) is a wise woman. You are blessed having a sweet daughter chi, the same way I am blessed having you :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mom. :) I love you! (haha, uber sweet mode right now)

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