College Kid and the Empty Nest Syndrome

I feel stirrings of the empty nest syndrome. I can’t even do the things that are normally advised to ease the mild depression and loneliness that comes with an empty nest: like get a new job, start a hobby, go out with friends, or go on a trip with your spouse. I still have two kiddos in the house that need caring after.

This is the start of his sophomore year. My “semi-syndrome” is kicking in a year late...

Last year I was too busy laughing at the hubby, who was going crazy with concern over the firstborn and his impending move to independence. Hubby was dispensing advice here and there, scolding, and even contemplating a move so he could do our teenage son's laundry, “Just for a while. You can take care of the two kiddos by yourself, right?” The university is on the other side of the country. Ri-ight.

College kid turned seventeen this summer. Most of his time was actually spent on practical chores around the house that will help him with skills for living alone, mostly cooking, dishwashing, and keeping the house clean.

We are very proud of the guy. He got a science scholarship. He is studying in the state university. (Thank God for smart sons and affordable education, I say). In his freshman year, he was chosen to be block representative and then he ran for college rep in the University Student Council. His grades are fine. He has made new friends quickly. He’s a cool kid that seems to have adjusted well to university life. Still, we worry. As parents normally do.

It’s also just amazing to think that just a few years ago the little boy who was following me around the house like a lost puppy who couldn't live without me is now traveling alone and living independently. I don’t want the puppy kid back. I just miss the guy. But, of course, he has a life to live and a world to discover.

photo credits: Psychology Today 

16 years and 3 sons after, and she finally thinks she can be a mom blogger. Kelly is an artist and writer who loves to stare at a blade of grass on her good days. On bad days, she drinks inordinate amounts of coffee and multitasks as her soul dreams of mountains unclimbed and her warm soft bed.


Naomi said...

awww hugs mommy! I got a glimpse of how my parents must have felt when I went to college. he'll be fine, and so will you. :)

Anonymous said...

This post left me wondering how my dad felt when we were all leaving high school and entering college. First it was me, then my sister, and now the third sister after. He doesn't show it, but I know he feels sad, worried, and nostalgic every time he drops us off at the airport for our trip to Manila.

Thanks Mommy and our hugs and support go out to you! :)

Kelly said...

Thanks mommies. It's inevitable I guess. Something all parents must go through :)

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