Got My Rustan's Fresh Card!

Okay, I just gotta share this: I finally managed to claim my very own Rustan's Fresh Card after collecting PHP 5000 worth of grocery receipts at Rustan's (Fairview Center Mall). It's funny but it felt such an accomplishment for me haha! (I even felt giddy when they asked for my birthday in the application form.) If you are a frequent shopper at Rustan's, you can also get a Fresh Card from any outlet for only PHP 200. Since we are loyal patrons of Rustan's, I chose the option to get a free card (by collecting the mentioned amount of receipts over a three-month period) and today, I succeeded. Yay!

Anyway, the Fresh Card works just like the SM Advantage Card in such that you get rebates or rewards by collecting points. All you need to do is present the card each time you make a purchase. You get one point for every peso you spend. The card also entitles you to rewards, special gifts, and privileges. (More information on Rustan's loyalty program here.) Ok, I am not a Rustan's employee or in any way linked to one. Rustan's is just THE ultimate place where we shop for food. I simply love it because it's got everything (and I mean, everything)!
I was glad to be given the chance to be rewarded for my "loyalty" to the store - or the idea of it anyway. And also, I've gotten tired of shaking my head each time I go to the counter and the lady asks me if I have a Fresh Card. Now, those cashiers better watch out because I'm going to flash my card with much suspense and gusto everytime I visit. I just might also start using those environment-friendly tote bags because points are doubled if you do.
How about you, to which loyalty program do you subscribe to? Do you also like collecting points in grocery stores, bookstores, drug stores, clothing outlets, credit cards, etc? What's the best reward you got so far? Do share! :) 
Naomi, 27, has been married for six years to her husband, Gan, and is mom to six-year-old Nini-pie. She works as a freelance web copywriter on oDesk and thus, spends most of her day in front of the computer. Apart from eating out with her family, she likes reading, art, watching suspense thriller films, football, going to the beach, tweeting, and cooking (although if that last one likes her back is still subject to debate).


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